Brushless Motor Hair Dryer - Foldable Type

August 8, 2023
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Product Description:

This high speed hair dryer is an ideal choice for home and hotel use. It is OEM/ODM Custom, and available in five colors: Deep Sea Blue, Retro Copper, Night Black, Rose Gold, and Star Gray. With high-speed blowing and folding concise, the dryer is smooth small lightweight. The wind speed reaches up to 18m/s, making it one of the most powerful hair dryers in the market.


The design of magnetic suction makes it speedy to detach the accessories. The top part can be taken apart individually and diverse colors are available to be flexibly combined. Besides, the folding structure is lightweight and easy to carry. The power cord is covered by a curved sheath which is more flexible and durable. Moreover, circular air intake at the side can effectively block off electromagnetic noises. There is also RGB colorful indicator which will show different colors in various gears. Significantly, its parameters have been enhanced to reduce the wind resistance and improve the efficiency of air ducts by 20%. In addition, it is unique in the aspect of appearance with sharp edges and corners different from other products. Besides, the side auxiliary air intake can extremely quicken the rate of heat dissipation and better the performance.