DC Motor Hair Dryer - Hammer Type

August 8, 2023
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Product Description:

The Brushless Motor Hair Dryer is a high speed blow dryer with an 110000rpm Brushless Motor that enables smooth and concise high speed blowing. It has a retro copper and deep sea blue color combination, a hammer type design, and an appearance design that is straight. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use.


Adopting a smaller size and lightweight design, this product won't bring you any burden.

It keeps the original accessories and realizes worry-free replacement. Added to this, the gleaming gemstone, full of technology, makes the product especially attractive.

Both the slide switch and the larger contact area can save a lot of effort and can be easily used without any difficulty.

By just pressing one key, you can switch between different goods with absolute convenience.

Without sacrificing its quality, it is offered at a lower price, which ensures a better with value.


Technical Parameters:


This motor type is a 110000rpm high speed brushless motor that features high speed blowing, simple and smooth operation, as well as being small and lightweight. It is designed to be straight in order for it to be more visually appealing. The negative ions are more than 10 million/cm³ and dynamic balance is 1mg.

The cable length is 1.8m with 5 axis CNC processing technology, increasing performance and efficiency. This motor is not foldable and the small size is 88*70*278, without brackets or a display screen. It also has two gear cooling gears and three hot air gears with a maximum noise level of 76dB(A)and without a nozzle type. The wind speed can be adjusted with two gears.